The Church Council is made up of the congregational president, vice-president, secretary, the chairperson of each board, and the pastors. The council meets once a month to review and discuss the needs of the congregation. Council meetings are open to the public.


The elders are made up of gentlemen of Trinity who have been elected by the voting members of the congregation to assist the pastors in assuring the general spiritual welfare of the congregation and upholding God's Word.

Board of Evangelism

The Board of Evangelism is to assist the pastors in making ways and means possible for an effective outreach toward the unchurched souls in the community and throughout the world.

Cross Cultural Outreach Committee

The Cross Cultural Outreach Committee (CCOC) is an extension of the Board of Evangelism. The CCOC primarialy works alongside Trinity's Laotian members to reach out to the people they know with the compassion and joy of Jesus. Through the selling of egg rolls at the Pow Wow and other times of the year, the CCOC raises funds to be of service to the minorities of the Mountain Lake area.

Board of Christian Education

This group oversees the spiritual feeding of every soul in the parish. This includes supervision of the Bible classes, Vacation Bible School, junior confirmation class, and adult instruction classes.

Board of Youth

The Board of Youth seeks to provide for the spiritual growth and resources for the youth of Trinity.

Board of Stewardship

The Board of Stewardship serves the congregation in encouraging liberal, systematic, worshipful, and sacrificial giving of time and talents among the members of Trinity.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees serves the members of Trinity by seeing that her buildings and properties are kept in good and functional order.

Board of Finance

The Board of Finance serves the members of Trinity by collecting, tracking, and disbursement of Trinity's financial matters.

CARE Committee

The Christian Assistance Resource Enhancement (CARE) committee serves to assist individuals and families who are in need with the compassion of Jesus.