Mission and Vision

Encouraging Growth in the Light of the Lord with Open Hearts and Open Arms

As light shines to expose that which darkness hides, one is able to truthfully see what lies before them. In the light we can see breathtaking beauty--from the smallest details to the widest of panoramic views. It is also in the light that we see less the desirable things that are broken, deteriorating, and disgusting; things that should not be there. These things we can do our best to ignore or deny, but the light will always expose things as they are.  
In John 8:12, Jesus proclaims that He is the light of the world, and that whoever follows Him will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. Jesus said this to a group of Pharisees who refused to see Him for who He was, and whom He came to save. Jesus knew the true motives behind their thoughts, words, and actions. Just as light exposes things that are hidden in darkness, Jesus came to shine His light into our world and into our hearts to expose the truth of what is hidden. Therefore apart from Christ, our true thoughts, words, and actions are exposed for what they really are: sinful.
According to His Word, we are exposed as condemned sinners and would be lost forever. But that is who the Light of the world came to save: poor, miserable sinners like us. Jesus Christ, the Light of the world draws our eyes to Him. Jesus draws us to His cross where He died in order that we can be comforted and assured. In His name we have real forgiveness for our sins of thought, word, and deed. Jesus comforts us with the glory of His victorious resurrection, that we too shall walk in newness of His light forevermore!
As members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Moutnain Lake, we live under the Light of the Lord. We gather together to receive the gifts that He gives us in Word and Sacrament. The Law of the Lord may convict us of our sins, but we are comforted by the Good News of the Gospel. We are on a lifelong journey where the lessons are new every day, but the Word of God remains unchanged. Therefore we strive to reflect the Light of the Lord by opening our hearts and our arms to those around us. We are not perfect in how we share Jesus and His love, but it is our prayer that the Light of Christ shines through us, and by the working of the Holy Spirit others may come to know their Savior and walk with Him forevermore.